Blue Rose Extra Virgin Olive Oil KOSHER certified.


Blue Rose Extra Virgin Olive Oil KOSHER certified and 100% Natural Unblended is a completely natural oil of the highest quality.

Ideal use: A touch of Blue Rose extra virgin olive oil is all it takes to turn everyday dishes into something special, or bring the taste of the Mediterranean to your kitchen. Great for dipping, drizzling and dressing.

 Blue Rose Olive Pomace Oil 5 litre.

 Blue Rose Olive Pomace Oil Natural Taste is obtained by processing olives pomace oil and oils obtained directly from olives with a fine blend of extra virgin olive oil under certified conditions of highest quality.

Ideal use: for general cooking and for frying because it maintains its characteristics even at high temperatures.


Cocktail Olives

URZANTE Cocktail with olive oil exclusively distributed by us, a special selection mix of Manzanilla Green Olives, Cacerenas Black Olives, Gherkins and Little Onions enjoy the flavour of the healthy and nutrtious cocktails snacks. Perfect appetizer for that special celebration.